The state of our health is truly our most important asset — the foundation for our lives. When confronting illness, imbalance or injury, we need to clearly understand the full scope of our options for treatment and healing.

Disend Research Solutions delivers a customized, comprehensive package of up–to–date research on all health conditions, with emphasis on conventional and alternative therapies. Well–informed clients are prepared to become active partners with their health care providers — empowered by knowledge to advocate for their own best treatment choices.

The information you receive will be drawn from medical journals and texts, public and proprietary databases, clinical trials, conference proceedings and publications, and resources on alternative medicine from many countries and traditions.

Research support for appeals of health insurance denials of coverage and pet health information packets are also available.

The purpose of Disend Research Solutions is to provide a wide range of health and medical information, not to give medical advice. Information provided by Disend Research Solutions does not imply recommendation or endorsement and is not a substitute for a consultation with a healthcare professional.